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Hello! My name is Carrie Lewis, welcome to my website where you can find out who I am and what I do also my view my portfolio and resume go ahead and learn about me, some of you might know me from my web development, design, marketing & consulting freelancer days running LewisWeb.info (aka Lewis Web Consulting). Currently I am taking a small pause in running my business and looking for perhaps a slight change of surroundings you can say. 

On this site you will find my online web development & design portfolio, ability to download/view my current resume in three different formats for your convenience (PDF, DOC & TXT). news on what I am up to online, new projects I have been a part of, or neat WordPress tricks that I stumble across and other random goodness (useful geekery, poetry & funnies...etc).  

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Resume: Work history updated: 1/25/2016

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Portfolio: Web dev/design work.

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